Brand Overview

A place where artists of different trades can come together and create individually or as a team, we consider ourselves an offbeat creative collective, an inspiring resource, and an art house.

The Challenge

At a time when creative agencies are bound by traditional corporate structures, Something Serious aims to disrupt the “creative” agency workflow by providing a linear platform for creatives to explore different angles of problem-solving.

The Pitch

We bring together individual experiences to support company passion and vision. A company is built by its people, and individuality is built on history. Something Serious uses that experience to lead clients into the future.

Always on the rise. We improve storytelling and further develop brand identities for start-ups and established companies alike. We lead the creative work behind the branding, marketing strategy, and brand development in any company.


Brand Strategy, Copywriting & Editing


September 2019 / 3.5 Months


Complete brand strategy, storyboarding, and some serious writing.

A serious mission

We are changing the status quo of creative collectives.

Something Serious is breaking the traditional boundaries of the job title. We are an offbeat creative collective, an inspiring resource, and an art house—here to create compelling stories and market-shifting solutions for you and your dope clients.

And to meet new friends to shoot the shit with.

Collecting the collective

Our linear structure gives a voice to everyone in the company. We want to know each person’s design journey and what brought them to Something Serious. Focusing on the individuality of a potential coworker and what they can bring to the table, we look for their ability to strengthen our weaknesses and laugh at our dumb ideas.

Visual analysis

Started out with a few sketches, added a few more, and explored those some more… about 1000 sketches later, roughly 999 of them were thrown out.  After finding “the one” and trying out a bunch of things that worked and didn’t work, we finally found what was liked and what wasn't. Essentially, we were learning how to communicate in our relationships.

Logo mark

Creating a design that represents us as a team had to come from our collective past. We wanted to explore our beliefs on contrasting ideas about authority and artistic vision. We wanted "something" to be a bit serious, but "serious" to have something playful.

Seriously new

Something Serious is about creating a collect-ency* for the new kids on the block; we want to be your plug for all things creative. As we collaborate, you can focus on creating something new for your business while we put the serious word out on the streets.

*Collect-ency [col-lect-en-cy] • Swe-nglish
(n.) Just the right amount of collective and some bits of agency, not too much of either, something about balance.

A perfect pitch

Setting the tone in what we do and how we do it is just as important to us as it is to our daring clients. If you’re risking it all to create your business, you can bet your ass we're jumping in with you. We ride together, we die together, bad boys… we design together, creators for life.

The Team

Adam Kaiser

Art Director/Project Manager

Adam’s vision for the project led to the many creative ideas printed in the brand book. He created an environment that truly embodies the culture of Something Serious.

Linnéa Liljedahl

Art Director/Visual Designer

Well-versed in advertising and visual design, Linnéa did a beautiful job establishing the brand identity and putting together the brand book.

Roger Muller

Creative Director

“More logos, more iterations... Rivers, rivers, and rivers!” Roger oversaw the project from start to finish and encouraged us to explore more ideas and even more ideas after that.

What I Learned

This class offered exceptional insights into the world of branding and proved very beneficial to my design skills and mindset. It was, by far, one of my favorite experiences at AAU because of the camaraderie between the teams and Roger. I learned a lot about teamwork and delegation, visual design with different mediums, and made some really good friends along the way. I’m grateful for the ethos Roger instilled in us early on from his experience in advertising.