Thank You

A letter of reflection and appreciation


Dreams without goals are just dreams, and they ultimately fuel disappointment. I’ve come a long way, but rest is for those in paradise...


As I wrap up the decade and finish one of my most grueling yet rewarding years, I can finally take a moment to reflect on the past and my work.

The lows were my lowest, the highs I’m still chasing. Some lessons I’ll remember, some lessons I’m still learning. Contemplating every step, I’m deeply indebted, not only to my loving family, but to my amazing friends— new, rekindled, and time-tested.
Thank you.

Thank you for sparking my creative intuition. Thank you for inspiring me to be better at every level. Thank you for elevating my mind, for showing me different perspectives without judgment. Thank you for pouring your energy into me, for pushing me out of my comfort zone, for spending your precious time on me. Thank you for encouraging me to try harder when I thought I was done. Thank you for thinking about me when I haven’t done so myself, for humbling me when I get ahead of myself, and for reminding me when I wasn’t myself. Thank you for your constructive criticism. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you, in all the ways you can think of and all the ways you haven’t. As you were there for me, know I will always be there for you. A toast to our future just as we’ve built our past.


There’s a time for recollection, but now is not it.