Ultum Nature Systems

We strive to create premium aquarium goods that we as hobbyists are proud to use. We believe small things matter, and place value in attention to detail when refining our products. Our goal is to bring you only the best for all of your aquarium endeavors.

The Problem

Rimless aquariums are completely overpriced and often required a far drive to purchase. 

Like keeping a bonsai tree, aquascaping can be considered an art form. However, this design-centric hobby lacked affordable design-centric tools and equipment, and aquariums were required to get started.

The Solution

Design and innovate a line of products that can wow the seasoned hobbyists.

Just as stained glass has its place and museum glass has its purpose, Ultum tanks showcase your masterpiece in its truest color and form. Though rimless aquariums were not widely adopted by the American market, we were eager to show consumers what they needed. We wanted to improve the experience when our consumers engaged with our brand and our product.

Product Solutions

Showing consumers what they needed

We started with the most essential item to every aquarium hobbyist, a glass box. First, we found the highest quality glass, redesigned the aquarium spacing for optimal viewing pleasure, and laser-etched our logo onto the hardware.

Rimless Aquariums

45° mitered edges. Diamant glass. Laser-etched. Rimless. We were approaching the aquascaping community with an Apple-esque change.

Aquascaping Tools

Having the right tools for the job not only means making your job easier, but it must also be reliable time after time.

Tissue Culture

Pest free. Algae free. Pesticide free. We expanded to provide high-quality tissue culture plants for all hobbyists keeping aquatic animals.

The Logo

After countless iterations, we all fell in love with an ambigram I designed that contained all three initials of the company name. It was a logo fit to be laser-etched into our core products.

Revamping The Industry

The freshwater aquarium industry was in need of an update and I explored an opportunity to improve on a specific user journey.

The Problem

Fish stores would place orders from wholesalers and distributors with pen and paper, sometimes even printing out our Excel sheets and then sending us a picture of their handwritten order.

The Solution

Create a familiar shopping experience, but at a wholesale/distribution level. I started by building a lean e-commerce website stripped of any marketing content, product upsells, and unnecessary information.

The goal was to create something store managers could browse on their phones while they were walking through their store as if they were shopping at Costco, but without a cart.

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What I Learned

Every experience comes with its own set of challenges and Ultum Nature Systems presented many of its own. In addition to the business aspect, I had the opportunity to take a step back from digital and learn to design for different mediums such as print and packaging.